Of Winter berry and Holly…

What once was…what will be…

Merry Christmas…to walk again…

Mountains nearly ascended.


Theory finds that individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome don’t lack empathy – in fact if anything they empathize too much


Seventh Voice

Art work by Aegis Mario S. Nevado Art work by Aegis Mario S. Nevado

“A ground-breaking theory suggests people with autism-spectrum disorders such as Asperger’s do not lack empathy – rather, they feel others’ emotions too intensely to cope.”

“People with Asperger’s syndrome, a high functioning form of autism, are often stereotyped as distant loners or robotic geeks. But what if what looks like coldness to the outside world is a response to being overwhelmed by emotion – an excess of empathy, not a lack of it?

This idea resonates with many people suffering from autism-spectrum disorders and their families. It also jibes with the “intense world” theory, a new way of thinking about the nature of autism.

As posited by Henry and Kamila Markram of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, the theory suggests that the fundamental problem in autism-spectrum disorders is not a social deficiency but, rather, a hypersensitivity to experience…

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Like surf-kissed sand,

of caramel brown-

leaves trace of sea,

in flecks of green;

So do his eyes,

show earthy wisdom-

and secrets held,

by ocean deep.

Upon horizon,

Rich blue sky,



Above the saline,

Full of life;


but ever-constant.

Dream filled eyes,

the deepest blue,

Filter light from sun.

To shift and change,

Like cloud to wind;

In Spires-

Climb to Heaven.

Each feed another,


Yet tied as one,

on basest level.


In secret keep.

Sky waits-

For sign of water.

To rise and gather strength.

To release again-

In darkest cloud.

To add once more,

In smallest part-

the ocean water deep.

And endless cycle.


To give,


And give once more…

Perpetuating life-

As hearts and minds,

In struggle, grow-

Embrace position held!

So too-

Are they fulfilled by each.

A role chosen-

Not by man,

But of a Higher Order.

-Nancy Earley

Of Greater Consciousness

Words and deeds,

diametrically opposed;

Set free to Universe,

from heart and mind and soul.

In tree

and flower

and star.

From true vibration-

Imprints upon the mind,

touch upon the soul,

To heatbeat’s rhythm….


A greater energy.

As grains of sand,

in caramel brown hue-

Await crash of ocean-

To connect with Earth,

in timeless cycle-


So too, feelings held;

Emotions felt-

and shared as one,

Once released-

Insight growth.

A change-

Of Greater Consciousness.

Nancy Earley


A gaze to Heaven,

soon reveals-

Clearing cloud and conscience.

Orion sits-

in pre-dawn sky-


Even now.

So too, her lover’s touch,

and whisper;

Impressed upon her heart;

Through look-

or smirk-

or smile-

Reverberates through soul.

Even now.

Fixed upon the sky-

Or soul-

In position’s change-

Yet constant.

To ask of her to walk away;





Escape not that;

Which old as time,

Lives in sky or heart;

Even now.

For just as stars do shine in sky-

Seen or blocked from view-

Still there in pain and pleasantries;


Without and


Even now.

-Nancy Earley